Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Valentine jewelrypink stone, Rose leafpink stone, leaf and flower jewelry on pink vintage ribbonpink stone, one of a kind



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A perfect valentine pendant!A wo valentine necklacenderful ro valentine necklacese quartz leaf with a delicate enamal flo valentine necklacewer o valentine necklacen a vintage ribbo valentine necklacen!This delicate treasure is co valentine necklacempletely o valentine necklacene o valentine necklacef a kind. I to valentine necklaceo valentine necklacek a leaf carved o valentine necklaceut o valentine necklacef ro valentine necklacese quartz, a natural sto valentine necklacene and added to valentine necklace it o valentine necklacene o valentine necklacef my hand enameled co valentine necklacepper flo valentine necklacewers. The flo valentine necklacewer is a so valentine necklaceft white co valentine necklacelo valentine necklacer with speckles o valentine necklacef fuchsia. Co valentine necklacepper sho valentine necklacews thro valentine necklaceugh at the edges, darkened in places, bright in o valentine necklacethers. So valentine necklace rustic, back to valentine necklace nature, fresh! This piece is very dramatic, beautiful and o valentine necklacene o valentine necklacef a kind.It is lo valentine necklacevely o valentine necklacen the back as well, just smo valentine necklaceo valentine necklaceth silver with the pink leaf. Wear it backwards o valentine necklacer fo valentine necklacerwards depending o valentine necklacen yo valentine necklaceur mo valentine necklaceo valentine necklaced.The ro valentine necklacese quartz is a natural sto valentine necklacene, it has many inclusio valentine necklacens within. It sho valentine necklaceuld be treated with care as it is mo valentine necklacere fragile than so valentine necklaceme o valentine necklacef my pieces.I hand fabricated a sterling silver bail and to valentine necklacerch riveted it thro valentine necklaceugh the sto valentine necklacene. The effect is simple and elegant.I decided to valentine necklace add mo valentine necklacere co valentine necklacelo valentine necklacer so valentine necklace I cho valentine necklacese a vintage piece o valentine necklacef ribbo valentine necklacen, a lo valentine necklacevely vivid fuchsia co valentine necklacelo valentine necklacer that fades to valentine necklace bright pink. This is a o valentine necklacene o valentine necklacef a kind piece, yo valentine necklaceu will receive the pictured necklace.Necklace is 18" lo valentine necklaceng.All findings are sterling silver. The flo valentine necklacewer is co valentine necklacepper, enameled.Pendant is 1 1/4" (32mm) including bail.

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