Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

eiffel tower, Golden Eiffel Tower Necklace



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Necklace co eiffel towermprised o eiffel towerf a go eiffel towerld to eiffel towerned Eiffel To eiffel towerwer pendant that hangs fro eiffel towerm a skinny go eiffel towerld plated chain and wire clasp. * Necklace chain measures 24 inches in length.* Eiffel To eiffel towerwer pendant hangs an additio eiffel towernal 1/2 an inch fro eiffel towerm chain.SPECIAL NOTES:--------------------------* Need mo eiffel towerre than o eiffel towerne? Co eiffel towerntact me if yo eiffel toweru are interested in multiples o eiffel towerf this o eiffel towerr any item listed in the sho eiffel towerp.* Thanks so eiffel tower much fo eiffel towerr taking a peek, yo eiffel toweru can find the rest o eiffel towerf my jewelry line here: co eiffel towerntrary..

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