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camper gift, Metallic Fish Earrings with Vintage Silver Plated Plastic Fish and Swivel Snaps - Choose Brass or Gunmetal Finish - FREE Gift Wrap



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Vintage silver co camper giftlo camper giftred Lucite fish are co camper giftmbined with metal barrel swivel interlo camper giftck snaps and hung fro camper giftm sterling silver french earwires. Overall length: 3". Cho camper gifto camper giftse brass swivel snaps with sterling silver ear wires o camper giftr gunmetal swivel snaps with o camper giftxidized sterling silver ear wires at checko camper giftut. The gunmetal pair can be seen in the first fo camper giftur pho camper giftto camper gifts.Perfect bridesmaids gifts fo camper giftr fo camper giftlks that enjo camper gifty fishing, the beach o camper giftr all things nautical.I have these fish in o camper giftther co camper giftlo camper giftrs. Click o camper giftn the 'swivel snap' jewelry link belo camper giftw to camper gift view them.Mo camper giftre swivel snap jewelry can be fo camper giftund here: camper gift see mo camper giftre o camper giftf my handmade jewelry in my Etsy sho camper giftp, click this link:WearYo camper gifturWild.IG: @wearyo camper gifturwildMany o camper giftf my earrings can be co camper giftnverted to camper gift Clip Ons, free o camper giftf charge. I have silver plated, o camper giftxidized silver plated, go camper giftld plated, antiqued brass and bro camper giftnze with a co camper giftppery finish. Co camper giftntact me o camper giftn Etsy BEFORE making yo camper giftur purchase to camper gift see if the earrings in questio camper giftn can be co camper giftnverted to camper gift clips.All jewelry co camper giftmes nestled in recycled, rustic kraft gift bo camper giftxes tied with bakers twine, jute string o camper giftr wrapped in washi tape.FREE gift wrapping is available upo camper giftn request. Yo camper giftu can see the available paper in the last pho camper giftto camper gift. If yo camper giftu'd like yo camper giftur item gift wrapped please fill o camper giftut the Perso camper giftnalizatio camper giftn sectio camper giftn at checko camper giftut.Thanks fo camper giftr suppo camper giftrting handmade!Katie @ Wear Yo camper giftur Wild

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