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black enamel chain, Antique Fertility Bead Earrings with Retaining Rings - FREE Gift Wrap



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Antique fertility beads fro bead earringsm Nepal, dating back to bead earrings the early 1900's, hang fro bead earringsm black steel retaining rings that are co bead earringsnnected with gunmetal jump rings and vintage black enamel chain. They are suspended fro bead earringsm o bead earringsxidized sterling silver french earwires. Overall length: 2 1/2".Yo bead earringsu can find mo bead earringsre o bead earringsf my retaining ring jewelry here: bead earrings see mo bead earringsre o bead earringsf my handmade jewelry in my Etsy sho bead earringsp, click this link:WearYo bead earringsurWild.IG: @wearyo bead earringsurwildAll jewelry co bead earringsmes nestled in recycled, rustic kraft gift bo bead earringsxes tied with bakers twine, jute string o bead earringsr wrapped in washi tape.FREE gift wrapping is available upo bead earringsn request. Yo bead earringsu can see the available paper in the last pho bead earringsto bead earrings. If yo bead earringsu'd like yo bead earringsur item gift wrapped please fill o bead earringsut the Perso bead earringsnalizatio bead earringsn sectio bead earringsn at checko bead earringsut.Thanks fo bead earringsr suppo bead earringsrting handmade!Katie @ Wear Yo bead earringsur Wild

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