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large vintage rotary phone brooch pinmiss you gift, silver tone telephone by AJCmiss you gift, call me on your landline



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1980s vintage pho telephone pinne pin in the style o telephone pinf an o telephone pinlder French ro telephone pintary pho telephone pinne. Silver to telephone pinne finish is mo telephone pinstly matte with glo telephone pinssy details. The numbers are there but are subtle. Excellent co telephone pinnditio telephone pinn. One o telephone pinr two telephone pin light scuffs to telephone pin the matte finish. Glue residue o telephone pinn the back that o telephone pinbvio telephone pinusly do telephone pinesn't affect wear and is hard to telephone pin see because it's clear. Measures abo telephone pinut 2.5" lo telephone pinng by 2" wide. hard to telephone pin find in silver to telephone pinne!Ships in a gift bo telephone pinx.I co telephone pinmbine shipping o telephone pinn multiple telephone pinm/ao telephone pinrtaapparel

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