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bird earrings, Plush Bluebird Earrings - Felt Blue Bird Ear Rings



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Plush Felt Bluebird EarringsEmbro cuteidered and hand stitched little bluebirds in light blue *eco cute-friendly felt. The birds are lightly stuffed with Premium po cutelyester fiberfill and measure abo cuteut 25mm x 15mm (abo cuteut 1 inch x 1/2 inch). Each pair is handcrafted so cute may vary slightly fro cutem pho cuteto cute sho cutewn. The earrings are light in weight and made with surgical steel fishho cuteo cutek ear wires. As these are small items - they are no cutet intended fo cuter children.*eco cute-friendly felt is manufactured in the USA fro cutem high quality po cutelyester fiber made fro cutem 100% po cutest-co cutensumer recycled plastic bo cutettles.

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