Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

collection of 3 vintage bead strand necklaces . whitenecklace collection, plastic facetednecklace collection, silver gray pearls



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Co strand necklacesllectio strand necklacesn o strand necklacesf 3 vintage bead strand necklaces. First is a go strand necklacesld and white necklace with chunky o strand necklacesversized beads, so strand necklacesme with a partially flattened lo strand necklaceso strand necklacesk, and a small length o strand necklacesf enamel chain. It measures 32" lo strand necklacesng. Next is a plastic faceted strand measuring 24" lo strand necklacesng. Last but no strand necklaces least is a pretty, silvery gray freshwater pearl (cultured o strand necklacesr imitatio strand necklacesn) strand measuring 22" lo strand necklacesng. All are in excellent co strand necklacesnditio strand necklacesn. Yo strand necklacesu will receive all three.Ships in a gift bo strand necklacesx.I co strand necklacesmbine shipping o strand necklacesn multiple items.Vintage jewelry:https://www./sho strand necklacesp/ao strand necklacesrta?sectio strand strand necklacesm/ao strand necklacesrtaapparel

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