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burgundy leather, Large Elongated Oval Burgundy Leather Earrings



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Classic and bo oval earringsho oval earrings all at the same time, these large burgundy leather elo oval earringsngated teardro oval earringsp earrings will add a co oval earringso oval earringsl vibe to oval earrings any o oval earringsutfit. Dress up o oval earringsr dress do oval earringswn! Classic, crisp and chic, they go oval earrings fro oval earringsm the o oval earringsffice to oval earrings a night o oval earringsut witho oval earringsut missing a beat. Co oval earringso oval earringsl and funky! A true o oval earringsne o oval earringsf a kind statement piece!They measure 3" in length, 1" at the widestCusto oval earringsm requests welco oval earringsme.

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