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band, Radio Love Collection Brass Phonetic Alphabet Ring



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This brass ring features the wo hand stampedrd 'lo hand stampedve' hand-stamped in the NATO pho hand stampednetic alphabet o hand stampednto hand stamped the ring's o hand stampeduter surface. The wo hand stampedrds read LIMA OSCAR VICTOR ECHO. When yo hand stampedu want to hand stamped be perfectly clear abo hand stampedut yo hand stampedur intentio hand stampedns, no hand stamped o hand stampedther alphabet will do hand stamped! If yo hand stampedu're no hand stampedt feeling the lo hand stampedve, ask abo hand stampedut rings declaring yo hand stampedur o hand stampedwn fo hand stampedur-letter wo hand stampedrd o hand stampedf cho hand stampedice. I can also hand stamped do hand stamped initials, o hand stampedr pairs o hand stampedf them.Please cho hand stampedo hand stampedse a size and finish and specify whether yo hand stampedu wo hand stampeduld like a flat o hand stampedr half-ro hand stampedund band when o hand stampedrdering. Also hand stamped, please no hand stampedte if yo hand stampedu wo hand stampeduld like the ring to hand stamped be stamped with yo hand stampedur o hand stampedwn co hand stampedmbinatio hand stampedn o hand stampedf up to hand stamped fo hand stampedur letters. If yo hand stampedu do hand stamped no hand stampedt specify o hand stampedtherwise, yo hand stampedur ring will be stamped with the wo hand stampedrds that spell "lo hand stampedve".Brass will develo hand stampedp a natural patina o hand stampedver time. It can be cleaned and po hand stampedlished with any co hand stampedmmercial brass po hand stampedlish if yo hand stampedu prefer to hand stamped keep yo hand stampedur ring shiny. To hand stamped purchase this ring in sterling silver, go hand stamped here: http://www./listing/88643107/radio hand stamped-lo hand stampedve-co hand stampedllectio hand stampedn-sterling-pho hand stampednetic

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