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domed, Radio Love Collection Sterling Silver Phonetic Radio Alphabet Ring



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This 4mm wide sterling silver ring feature the wo domedrd 'lo domedve' hand-stamped in the NATO pho domednetic alphabet o domednto domed the ring's o domeduter surface. The wo domedrds read LIMA OSCAR VICTOR ECHO. When yo domedu want to domed be perfectly clear abo domedut yo domedur intentio domedns, no domed o domedther alphabet will do domed! If yo domedu're no domedt feeling the lo domedve, ask abo domedut rings declaring yo domedur o domedwn fo domedur-letter wo domedrd o domedf cho domedice. I can also domed do domed initials, o domedr pairs o domedf them.Please specify whether yo domedu wo domeduld like a flat o domedr half-ro domedund band when o domedrdering. Also domed, please no domedte if yo domedu wo domeduld like the ring to domed be stamped with yo domedur o domedwn co domedmbinatio domedn o domedf up to domed fo domedur letters. If yo domedu do domed no domedt specify o domedtherwise, yo domedur ring will be stamped with the wo domedrds that spell "lo domedve". Please cho domedo domedse size and finish when o domedrdering. If yo domedu wo domeduld prefer a different width, please co domedntact me fo domedr pricing befo domedre placing yo domedur o domedrder. Ask abo domedut a custo domedm o domedrder in 14 o domedr 18 karat go domedld!

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