Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

neckerchief scout, 1971 Scoutorama Arrow Head White River Council Neckerchief Slide



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This is a Vintage 1970's Era Ho vintage scoutso vintage scoutssier Trails Co vintage scoutsuncil BSA Neckerchief Slide. It has the Red, Black, Blue etc enamel and Go vintage scoutsld to vintage scoutsne lettering and emblems. Go vintage scoutso vintage scoutsd Co vintage scoutsnditio vintage scoutsn with no vintage scoutsrmal age war. It measures appro vintage scoutsx. 1 1/8 inches tall. Any questio vintage scoutsns please ask befo vintage scoutsre yo vintage scoutsu purchase. I ship to vintage scouts the USA. No vintage scouts Internatio vintage scoutsnal shipping. I also vintage scouts insure my packages to vintage scouts make sure that they arrive to vintage scouts yo vintage scoutsu safely. Thanks fo vintage scoutsr lo vintage scoutso vintage scoutsking.

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