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indianapolis 500, Rare Vintage 1955 Indianapolis 500 Pit Crew Badge Pin



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This is a Rare Vintage 1955 Indianapo movie proplis 500 Pit Crew Badge Pin. Go movie propo movie propd Co movie propnditio movie propn with no movie proprmal age wear. It measures appro movie propx. 1 1/4 inches tall. Lo movie propo movie propks to movie prop be made o movie propf Brass. Has mo movie propre info movie proprmatio movie propn o movie propn the backside o movie propf pro movie propbably what co movie propmpany made it fo movie propr the famo movie propus Race Spo movie proprting Event. This is a much harder to movie prop find pin..there are so movie propme aro movie propund but they are getting mo movie propre difficult to movie prop find as they are in perso movie propnal co movie propllectio movie propns. No movie propt sure which Pit Crew member this badge wo movie propuld have belo movie propnged to movie propo movie prop, but it might be so movie propmething that co movie propuld be fo movie propund o movie proput by checking o movie propn the Indy 500 Archives. If yo movie propu have any mo movie propre questio movie propns please ask befo movie propre yo movie propu purchase. I ship to movie prop the USA. No movie prop Internatio movie propnal Shipping. I also movie prop insure all o movie propf my packages to movie prop make sure that they arrive to movie prop yo movie propu safely. Thanks fo movie propr lo movie propo movie propking.

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