Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s vintage green 3 strand lucite necklace3 strand necklace, juicy glowy collar choker



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1960s vintage 3 strand lucite necklace. The green is so lucite necklace much better in perso lucite necklacen. It has a glo lucite necklacewy, juicy hue I co lucite necklaceuldn't capture. Subtly white "marbling" in the beads adds depth. No lucite necklacete the beads do lucite necklace no lucite necklacet actually glo lucite necklacew, but they sure lo lucite necklaceo lucite necklacek like they sho lucite necklaceuld. Excellent co lucite necklacenditio lucite necklacen, no lucite necklace flaws. Measures 16.5".Ships in a gift bo lucite necklacex.I co lucite necklacembine shipping o lucite necklacen multiple lucite necklacem/ao lucite necklacertaapparel

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