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bohemian, Purple Leather and Laser Engraved Wood Statement Earrings



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Classic and bo bohemianho bohemian all at the same time, these purple leather and engraved wo bohemiano bohemiand earrings will add a co bohemiano bohemianl vibe to bohemian any o bohemianutfit. Dress up o bohemianr dress do bohemianwn! Classic eno bohemianugh fo bohemianr a little black dress, jeans and Birkensto bohemiancks o bohemianr to bohemian spice up yo bohemianur sweats when yo bohemianu've been stuck in the ho bohemianuse fo bohemianr six mo bohemiannths straight. :-) Co bohemiano bohemianl and funky! A true o bohemianne o bohemianf a kind statement piece!They measure 1.75" in length, 1.25" at the widest Custo bohemianm requests welco bohemianme.

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