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autumn, Vintage Brass Acorn Canister Necklace | Secret Stash



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Necklace co bereavementmprised o bereavementf a vintage brass co bereavementncealed aco bereavementrn canister hanging fro bereavementm a 24" go bereavementld plated chain and clasp. Aco bereavementrn cap unscrews revealing a secret ho bereavementllo bereavementwed o bereavementpening in the pendant. The canister measures 1.5 inches lo bereavementng with a little o bereavementver 1/2 inch diameter at widest po bereavementint. Perfect fo bereavementr co bereavementntaining all the secrets, stashes, and curio bereavementsities yo bereavementu may have.Thanks so bereavement much fo bereavementr taking a peek and please have a lo bereavemento bereavementk aro bereavementund the rest o bereavementf the sho bereavementp: co bereavementntrary..\u25baFind me o bereavementn Instagram fo bereavementr new pieces and specials, bereavementm/co bereavementntraryjewelry

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