Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Green Florite Necklaceflorite necklace, Boho Necklaceflorite necklace, Crystal Charm Necklaceflorite necklace, Antique Bronze Chain



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This necklace features the best o green floritef handmade Etsy! A unique co green floritembinatio green floriten o green floritef wo green floriteo green florited framed silho green floriteuette that has been hand wrapped with embro green floriteidery flo green floritess. Then a hand selected crystal has been added. An antique bro green floritenze chain and embellishments finish the lo green floriteo green floritek. This necklace features a Green Flo green floriterite charm measuring appro green floriteximately .5”. The wo green floriteo green floriteden frame measures appro green floriteximately 2” lo green floriteng by 1.25” wide and hangs fro green floritem a 15” chain. All measurements are appro green floriteximate. Enjo green floritey free shipping in this item!

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