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hollywood prop, Vintage Lapel Brooch or Pin that Holds a Real Flower



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This is a Vintage Lapel Bro vintage broocho vintage broochch o vintage broochr Pin that Ho vintage broochlds a Real Flo vintage broochwer. No vintage brooch makers mark. The material is a Silver To vintage broochne metal almo vintage broochst lo vintage broocho vintage broochks like a pewter metal. It has a ro vintage broochse design o vintage broochn it. It can been wo vintage broochrn vario vintage broochus ways o vintage broochn a jacket lapel, shirt, blo vintage broochuse, sweater, co vintage broochat, etc. It measures appro vintage broochx. 2 inches tall. It will ho vintage broochld a little water to vintage brooch keep the flo vintage broochwer fresh. If yo vintage broochu have any mo vintage broochre questio vintage broochns please ask befo vintage broochre yo vintage broochu purchase. I ship to vintage brooch the USA. No vintage brooch Internatio vintage broochnal Shipping. I also vintage brooch insure all o vintage broochf my packages to vintage brooch make sure that they arrive to vintage brooch yo vintage broochu safely. Thanks fo vintage broochr lo vintage broocho vintage broochking.

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