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bohemian, Turquoise Printed Leather with Black Disc/Oval Statement Earrings



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Printed turquo turquoise leatherise leather gives yo turquoise leatherur o turquoise leatherutfit a nice punch o turquoise leatherf co turquoise leatherlo turquoise leatherr! These serene and bright o turquoise leathervals hang fro turquoise leatherm a small black leather disc. Dress up o turquoise leatherr dress do turquoise leatherwn! Perfect to turquoise leather pair with a little black dress, jeans and Birkensto turquoise leathercks o turquoise leatherr to turquoise leather spice up yo turquoise leatherur sweats when yo turquoise leatheru've been stuck in the ho turquoise leatheruse fo turquoise leatherr six mo turquoise leathernths straight. :-) Co turquoise leathero turquoise leatherl and funky! A true o turquoise leatherne o turquoise leatherf a kind statement piece!They measure 2 3/8" in length, 1" at the widest part.Custo turquoise leatherm requests welco turquoise leatherme.

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