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movie prop, Qty of 2 Vintage Brooches or Pins 1970s



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This is a Qty o daisies pinf 2 Vintage Bro daisies pino daisies pinches o daisies pinr Pins 1970s. They are in go daisies pino daisies pind co daisies pinnditio daisies pinn with no daisies pinrmal age wear. One is a Pair with Go daisies pinld To daisies pinne Leaves and the sto daisies pinne is a po daisies pinlished marble. It is marked Avo daisies pinn. It measures appro daisies pinx. 1 inch tall. The o daisies pinther o daisies pinn is a Daisy flo daisies pinwer made o daisies pinf metal that is painted enamel and a wo daisies pinven metal design o daisies pinn the bo daisies pintto daisies pinm o daisies pinf the piece. A simulated pearl in the center o daisies pinf the daisy. It measures appro daisies pinx. 1 1/2 inches lo daisies pinng. It is no daisies pint marked. If yo daisies pinu have any mo daisies pinre questio daisies pinns please ask befo daisies pinre yo daisies pinu purchase. I ship to daisies pin the USA. No daisies pin Internatio daisies pinnal Shipping. I also daisies pin insure all o daisies pinf my packages to daisies pin make sure that they arrive to daisies pin yo daisies pinu safely. Thanks fo daisies pinr lo daisies pino daisies pinking.

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