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movie prop, Vintage Metal Enameled Purple and White Flower Brooch or Pin



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This is a Vintage Metal Enameled Purple and White Flo collectible pinswer Bro collectible pinso collectible pinsch o collectible pinsr Pin. It is in go collectible pinso collectible pinsd co collectible pinsnditio collectible pinsn with no collectible pinsrmal age wear. It measures appro collectible pinsx. 1 3/4 inches tall. If yo collectible pinsu have any mo collectible pinsre questio collectible pinsns please ask befo collectible pinsre yo collectible pinsu purchase. I ship to collectible pins the USA. No collectible pins Internatio collectible pinsnal Shipping. I also collectible pins insure all o collectible pinsf my packages to collectible pins make sure that they arrive to collectible pins yo collectible pinsu safely. Thanks fo collectible pinsr lo collectible pinso collectible pinsking.

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