Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sunstone Crystal Charm Necklacehealing jewelry, Sunstonehealing jewelry, Boho Necklacehealing jewelry, Antique Bronze Chain



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This necklace features the best o crystalsf handmade Etsy! A unique co crystalsmbinatio crystalsn o crystalsf wo crystalso crystalsd framed silho crystalsuette that has been hand wrapped with embro crystalsidery flo crystalsss. Then a hand selected crystal has been added. An antique bro crystalsnze chain and embellishments finish the lo crystalso crystalsk. This necklace features a Sunsto crystalsne charm measuring appro crystalsximately .5”. The wo crystalso crystalsden frame measures appro crystalsximately 2” lo crystalsng by 1.25” wide and hangs fro crystalsm a 15” chain. All measurements are appro crystalsximate. Enjo crystalsy free shipping in this item!

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