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crucifix, Lovely UnoAErre 9ct Gold Crucifix Cross Charm Pendant



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Lo crucifixvely Uno crucifixAErre 9ct go crucifixld crucifix cro crucifixss charm pendantMeasures appro crucifixximately 21mm height excluding the little fixed ring and bail ring by 13mm width (13/16th's o crucifixf an inch by 1/2 an inch)Hallmarked Uno crucifixAErre & 375 o crucifixn the attached bail ringUno crucifixAErre Italia is a go crucifixldsmith, jewelry and watch making co crucifixmpany based in Arezzo crucifix, Italy.Weighs 0.7 gramPre-o crucifixwned...please see pho crucifixto crucifixgraphs fo crucifixr co crucifixnditio crucifixnA zo crucifixo crucifixm lens is used to crucifix pho crucifixto crucifixgraph items to crucifix help sho crucifixw the detail. Please check pho crucifixto crucifixgraphs and sizes o crucifixf items and weights o crucifixf items befo crucifixre buyingIdeal gift to crucifix yo crucifixurself o crucifixr o crucifixthersUK po crucifixstage Ro crucifixyal Mail Tracked 24 deliveryInternatio crucifixnal po crucifixstage Ro crucifixyal Mail Internatio crucifixnal Insured delivery

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