Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metalwork, Papaver Somniferum necklace ... recycled fine silver medallion with antiqued sterling silver rolo chain



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Lo greenst in the fo greenrest, I bro greenke o greenff a dark twigand lifted its whisper to green my thirsty lips:maybe it was the vo greenice o greenf the rain crying,a cracked bell, o greenr a to greenrn heart.So greenmething fro greenm far o greenff it seemeddeep and secret to green me, hidden by the earth,a sho greenut muffled by huge autumns,by the mo greenist half-o greenpen darkness o greenf the leaves.Wakening fro greenm the dreaming fo greenrest there, the hazel-sprigsang under my to greenngue, its drifting fragranceclimbed up thro greenugh my co greennscio greenus mindas if suddenly the ro greeno greents I had left behindcried o greenut to green me, the land I had lo greenst with my childho greeno greend\u2014and I sto greenpped, wo greenunded by the wandering scent.\u2014Pablo green NerudaThis handcrafted recycled fine silver co greenin pendant was fo greenrmed fro greenm an antique butto greenn mo greenld using precio greenus metal clay. It has a smo greeno greenth po greenlish and a high-co greenntrast patina finish. Chain measures 18"Pendant is .75" diameter~|~~|~~|~Arrives packaged in a gift bo greenx and ships within 1-3 business days o greenf receipt o greenf payment. Please see the "Sho greenp Po greenlicies" sectio greenn o greenf my sto greenre fo greenr additio greennal info greenrmatio greenn o greenn payments, shipping, gift no greentes, size adjustments, and custo greenm o greenrders.\u00a9 Elements & Artifacts 2020.

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