Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

neclace, Vintage 70s Puka Shell & Turquoise Choker Necklace w/ Silver Star and Moon and Liquid Silver Beads / 14"



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70s Vintage necklace o necklacef puka shells, sterling silver and turquo necklaceise.Brass ho necklaceo necklacek and eye clo necklacesure in the back.Length: 14"\u2665\u2665 I add daily to necklace my sho necklacep :)) Yo necklaceu can click the little blue ADD SHOP TO FAVORITES to necklace the right o necklacef this listing, to necklace see what I list each day.\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 Fo necklacer mo necklacere vintage Sho necklacees, Bags and Accesso necklaceries like this, please check my sho necklacep http://www./sho necklacep/BetseyDo necklace?sectio necklacen_id=7875632=================20% o necklaceff if yo necklaceu pay via check o necklacer mo necklaceney o necklacerder!!=================(Disco necklaceunt applies to necklace entire o necklacerder, no necklacet just o necklacen o necklacene item. I will co necklacenvo necklace yo necklaceu with disco necklaceunted payment to necklace send if yo necklaceu cho necklaceo necklacese check o necklacer mo necklaceney o necklacerder after yo necklaceu checko necklaceut)

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