Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

80s vintage hot pink lizard necklacehot pink beads, southwest wood animal totem



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1980s/90s vintage beaded necklace. Co 1980s necklaceslo 1980s necklacesrs are ho 1980s necklacest pink, lime green, blue, purple, o 1980s necklacesrange, yello 1980s necklacesw and black. The lizards have a glo 1980s necklacesss co 1980s necklacesating and the co 1980s necklaceslo 1980s necklacesrs are super vibrant. Dangling beads add the tacky facto 1980s necklacesr. Charming necklace with a lo 1980s necklacest go 1980s necklacesing o 1980s necklacesn, but no 1980s necklacest heavy. Excellent co 1980s necklacesnditio 1980s necklacesn, no 1980s necklaces flaws. The lizards are almo 1980s necklacesst 2.75" lo 1980s necklacesng, the necklace is 25" lo 1980s necklacesng.Ships in a gift bo 1980s necklacesx.I co 1980s necklacesmbine shipping o 1980s necklacesn multiple 1980s necklacesm/ao 1980s necklacesrtaapparel

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