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antique, Antique Edwardian 14k Yellow & White Gold Peridot Bar Pin



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This is a go edwardianrgeo edwardianus antique Edwardian 14k yello edwardianw and white go edwardianld bar pin that is set with 3 faceted perido edwardiant. The to edwardianp po edwardianrtio edwardiann o edwardianf the pin is white go edwardianld and the back is yello edwardianw.\u00a0The pin measures 1.5"l. x .25"\u00a0 (at its widest po edwardianint) and weighs 4 grams\u00a0The pin is finished with a C clasp that is marked 14k.\u00a0No edwardian damage o edwardianr missing sto edwardiannes.

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