Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

simple natural, White Beach Stone and White Freshwater Pearl Cairn Necklace with Oxidized Sterling Silver Rolo Chain - Cairn Jewelry - FREE Gift Wrap



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Three drilled white beach sto birthstone jewelrynes are co birthstone jewelrymbined with o birthstone jewelryxidized sterling silver metal to birthstone jewelry fo birthstone jewelryrm a Cairn. The Cairn is suspended belo birthstone jewelryw a ro birthstone jewelryund creamy white freshwater pearl and hangs fro birthstone jewelrym an o birthstone jewelryxidized sterling silver ro birthstone jewelrylo birthstone jewelry chain. The necklace measures 24" and clo birthstone jewelryses with a lo birthstone jewelrybster clasp. The pendant is 1 3/4" lo birthstone jewelryng, including jump ring. Mo birthstone jewelryre Cairn jewelry can be fo birthstone jewelryund here: birthstone jewelry see mo birthstone jewelryre o birthstone jewelryf my handmade jewelry in my Etsy sho birthstone jewelryp, click this link:WearYo birthstone jewelryurWild.IG: @wearyo birthstone jewelryurwildAll jewelry co birthstone jewelrymes nestled in recycled, rustic kraft gift bo birthstone jewelryxes tied with bakers twine, jute string o birthstone jewelryr wrapped in washi tape.FREE gift wrapping is available upo birthstone jewelryn request. Yo birthstone jewelryu can see the available paper in the last pho birthstone jewelryto birthstone jewelry. If yo birthstone jewelryu'd like yo birthstone jewelryur item gift wrapped please fill o birthstone jewelryut the Perso birthstone jewelrynalizatio birthstone jewelryn sectio birthstone jewelryn at checko birthstone jewelryut.Thanks fo birthstone jewelryr suppo birthstone jewelryrting handmade!Katie @ Wear Yo birthstone jewelryur Wild

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