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bracelet, Vintage 3D 9ct Gold Movable Upright Piano Charm.H/MK 1968



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Vintage 3D 9ct go braceletld upright piano bracelet braceletvable lid o braceletpens and clo braceletsesOrnate designMeasures appro braceletximately 16mm height excluding the little fixed ring by 21mm width (5/8th's o braceletf an inch by 13/16th's o braceletf an inch)Fully hallmarked, Lo braceletndo braceletn assay o braceletffice,dates 1968 & makers initials FMWeighs 8.5 gramsPre-o braceletwned vintage braceletme wear to bracelet be expected as this charm is 52 years o braceletld..please see pho braceletto braceletgraphs fo braceletr co braceletnditio braceletnA zo braceleto braceletm lens is used to bracelet pho braceletto braceletgraph items to bracelet help sho braceletw the detail. Please check pho braceletto braceletgraphs and sizes o braceletf items and weights o braceletf items befo braceletre buyingIdeal gift to bracelet yo braceleturself o braceletr o braceletthers

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