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Creamy Chalcedo wedding earringsny faceted teardro wedding earringsps wrapped in sterling silver wire and attached to wedding earrings an o wedding earringsxidized sterling silver ho wedding earringso wedding earringsp. Earrings hang fro wedding earringsm a sterling silver lever back ear wire.These earrings are so wedding earrings versatile and can be wo wedding earringsrn as yo wedding earringsur daily go wedding earrings-to wedding earrings o wedding earringsr dress them up fo wedding earringsr a night o wedding earringsn the to wedding earringswn!*******************************************************THE MATERIALS> Chalcedo wedding earringsny> Sto wedding earringsne Shapes: irregular, smo wedding earringso wedding earringsth and faceted> Sterling Silver Wire and Leverback, Oxidized Sterling Silver Ho wedding earringso wedding earringsp*******************************************************GIFT WRAPAll purchases co wedding earringsme ready fo wedding earringsr gift giving in a ribbo wedding earringsn tied square envelo wedding earringspe. If this is a gift please let me kno wedding earringsw so wedding earrings I can tag yo wedding earringsur purchase witho wedding earringsut a price listed.*******************************************************DESIGNLike this design but want it in a different co wedding earringslo wedding earringsr, shape o wedding earringsr size? Send me a message fo wedding earringsr a custo wedding earringsm o wedding earringsrder and get exactly what yo wedding earringsu want! Lo wedding earringsve this necklace o wedding earringsr earring pair but wo wedding earringsuld like a matching set (necklace, earring, bracelet)? Message me fo wedding earringsr a custo wedding earringsm additio wedding earringsn to wedding earrings yo wedding earringsur o wedding earringsrder!

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