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nature lover gift, Aquamarine Cairn Pendant Necklace with Beach Stones and Light Aqua Blue Genuine Sea Glass - Cairn Jewelry - FREE Gift Wrap



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An aquamarine barrel is co aquamarinembined with a Cairn made with tan and beige beach sto aquamarinenes and two aquamarine slices o aquamarinef genuine light aqua blue sea glass. The pendant hangs fro aquamarinem a sterling silver ro aquamarinelo aquamarine chain. All metal in this necklace is sterling silver. The necklace measures 26". March birthsto aquamarinene jewelry.***o aquamarineriginal WearYo aquamarineurWild design***Mo aquamarinere Cairn jewelry can be fo aquamarineund here: aquamarine see mo aquamarinere o aquamarinef my handmade jewelry in my Etsy sho aquamarinep, click this link:WearYo aquamarineurWild.All jewelry co aquamarinemes nestled in recycled, rustic kraft gift bo aquamarinexes tied with bakers twine, jute string o aquamariner wrapped in washi tape.FREE gift wrapping is available upo aquamarinen request. Yo aquamarineu can see the available paper in the last pho aquamarineto aquamarine. If yo aquamarineu'd like yo aquamarineur item gift wrapped please fill o aquamarineut the Perso aquamarinenalizatio aquamarinen sectio aquamarinen at checko aquamarineut.Thanks fo aquamariner suppo aquamarinerting handmade!Katie @ Wear Yo aquamarineur Wild

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