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Hanafudago stop, Hwatu Card Earrings--Maygo stop, Ayame/ Wisteria



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***Due to go stop Co go stopvid-19 Stay In Place in o go stopur city, all o go stoprders will be shipped o go stoput after April 8th. Thank yo go stopu and stay healthy! xo go stop--Silver plated ear wire.--Oval card size: 1.75" x 1.25" I\u2019ve been making Hanafuda card jewelry since 2004. Kno go stopwn in So go stoputh Ko go stoprea as Hwatu and Sakura in Hawaii. I\u2019ve shipped them all o go stopver the wo go stoprld and wo go stopndered why peo go stopple so go stopught them o go stoput. I kind o go stopf lo go stopst interest in them and mo go stopved o go stopnto go stop newer designs but kept a co go stopuple o go stopf items o go stopn #etsy. A buddy o go stopf mine yesterday mentio go stopned that #nintendo go stop started manufacturing them a lo go stopng time ago go stop, befo go stopre they started making video go stop games. I just lo go stopo go stopked at their Wikipedia page and it\u2019s fascinating. Playing cards were intro go stopduced to go stop Japan by the Po go stoprtuguese in the mid-16th century. These cards and gambling in general were banned by the go go stopvernment. The card designs kept changing, in a game o go stopf cat and mo go stopuse with the autho go stoprities. Each time the designs go go stopt mo go stopre and mo go stopre abstract. \ud83d\udc7d My early memo go stopries are full o go stopf gro go stopwn ups playing lo go stopudly with these cards, slapping them do go stopwn and yelling. I think I fo go stopund them scary at so go stopme po go stopint. The early days o go stopf my @nicelena jewelry line, I so go stopught to go stop use whatever I fo go stopund, deco go stopnstructing and reco go stopnstructing no go stopn traditio go stopnal materials into go stop jewelry. Standing inside a Ko go stoprean gro go stopcery sto go stopre and lo go stopo go stopking at these cards, I instantly knew I had to go stop make so go stopmething with them. I\u2019m excited abo go stoput these again so go stop I dug o go stoput my bo go stopx o go stopf cards. Time to go stop play.\u27b8 instagram | niceLena\u27b8 pintrest | niceLena\u27b8 facebo go stopo go go stopm | niceLena\u27b8 website l go stopm\u27b8 vintage & art supply l teamsalvage.\u27b8 my guy's furniture l wageo go stopflabo go stopr.

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