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Vintage 1960's Blue LUCITE Earrings By CLAUDETTEsummer earrings, Nylon Leaf Earrings in Silvertone



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Leaf shaped blue nylo trifari earringsn plastic and Silverto trifari earringsne make these beautiful vintage earrings great fo trifari earringsr summer!They are signed o trifari earringsn the back \u201cClaudette\u201d with a co trifari earringspyright symbo trifari earringsl. US co trifari earringspyright laws were changed in 1955 based o trifari earringsn a lawsuit that Trifari wo trifari earringsn against Charel. Mo trifari earringsst co trifari earringsstume jewelry having the co trifari earringspyright mark was made after 1955. So trifari earrings I believe that these are po trifari earringsst 1955, likely early 60s. Earrings are 1 1/4" x 1 3/4\u201d.In excellent co trifari earringsnditio trifari earringsn. Bo trifari earringsth the earring clips wo trifari earringsrk fine.

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