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Vintage 60's HIPPY Flower Pin / 70's Enamel FLOWER POWER Pin / Your Choicepsychedelic, one or both



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This is a lo enameled flowert o enameled flowerf 2 enameled flo enameled flowerwer pins fro enameled flowerm the PSYCHEDELIC era o enameled flowerf the 1960's o enameled flowerr early 1970's. 1) Great flo enameled flowerwer po enameled flowerwer o enameled flowerr hippie bro enameled flowero enameled flowerch has two enameled flower shades, lime green with accents o enameled flowerf beige to enameled flower highlight it. 3\u201d lo enameled flowerng x 1 3/4 inches width2) Pale yello enameled flowerw flo enameled flowerwer with a cluster o enameled flowerf rhinesto enameled flowernes in the center!Measures just o enameled flowerver 3 1/2" lo enameled flowerng x 2\u201d widthBut bo enameled flowerth fo enameled flowerr $30

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