Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pale Aqua & White GLASS Flower Beaded Chokerincogneeto vintage, 50s ACCESSOCRAFT Necklace with Enameled Clasp



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Early 1950's genuine art glass beads with pale aqua and white flo incogneeto vintagewers make this beaded necklace quite lo incogneeto vintagevely! A triple strand necklace with an enameled slide bo incogneeto vintagex clasp clo incogneeto vintagesure that is signed Accesso incogneeto vintagecraft o incogneeto vintagen the back. Go incogneeto vintagergeo incogneeto vintageus!The sho incogneeto vintagertest strand is 17" lo incogneeto vintageng. It is expertly strung o incogneeto vintagen white co incogneeto vintagetto incogneeto vintagen co incogneeto vintagerd. The ro incogneeto vintageunded, white enameled clasp has blue flo incogneeto vintagewers and go incogneeto vintageld scro incogneeto vintagelling. It appears that there is a bit o incogneeto vintagef enamel missing fro incogneeto vintagem o incogneeto vintagene o incogneeto vintagef the petals. The unique glass beads lo incogneeto vintageo incogneeto vintagek to incogneeto vintage be in great co incogneeto vintagenditio incogneeto vintagen. To incogneeto vintageday, early glass beads like the o incogneeto vintagenes o incogneeto vintageffered here are o incogneeto vintageften used fo incogneeto vintager restringing into incogneeto vintage earrings, etc. Please do incogneeto vintagen\u2019t do incogneeto vintage that to incogneeto vintage this o incogneeto vintageriginal designer piece.

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