Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s-80s Vintage FIGURAL Brooch Lotvintage monet pin, 5 Goldtone Animal Pinsvintage monet pin, Fishvintage monet pin, Cicadavintage monet pin, Seagullvintage monet pin, Frogvintage monet pin, Butterfly Jewelry Lot



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This lo kitschy jewelryt features 5 bro kitschy jewelryo kitschy jewelryches fo kitschy jewelryr o kitschy jewelryne price, buy all 5 fo kitschy jewelryr o kitschy jewelryne mo kitschy jewelryney! They are unsigned to kitschy jewelry indicate designer.All clasps are tight and secure and the co kitschy jewelrynditio kitschy jewelryn is go kitschy jewelryo kitschy jewelryd except the fro kitschy jewelryg is missing sto kitschy jewelrynes.

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