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Dalmatian Jasper faceted teardro dalmatian jasperps wrapped in sterling silver wire with a 14k go dalmatian jasperld fill textured ho dalmatian jaspero dalmatian jasperp. Earrings hang fro dalmatian jasperm a sterling silver lever back ear wire.*******************************************************THE MATERIALS> Dalmatian Jasper> Sto dalmatian jasperne Shapes: irregular, smo dalmatian jaspero dalmatian jasperth and faceted> Sterling Silver Wire and Leverback, 14k Go dalmatian jasperld Fill Ho dalmatian jaspero dalmatian jasperp*******************************************************GIFT WRAPAll purchases co dalmatian jasperme ready fo dalmatian jasperr gift giving in a ribbo dalmatian jaspern tied square envelo dalmatian jasperpe. If this is a gift please let me kno dalmatian jasperw so dalmatian jasper I can tag yo dalmatian jasperur purchase witho dalmatian jasperut a price listed.*******************************************************DESIGNLike this design but want it in a different co dalmatian jasperlo dalmatian jasperr, shape o dalmatian jasperr size? Send me a message fo dalmatian jasperr a custo dalmatian jasperm o dalmatian jasperrder and get exactly what yo dalmatian jasperu want! Lo dalmatian jasperve this necklace o dalmatian jasperr earring pair but wo dalmatian jasperuld like a matching set (necklace, earring, bracelet)? Message me fo dalmatian jasperr a custo dalmatian jasperm additio dalmatian jaspern to dalmatian jasper yo dalmatian jasperur o dalmatian jasperrder!

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