Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

technology, Little purple circuit board earrings recycled computer parts



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These light, (1.12 grams each) delicate earrings are made fro squarem co squarelo squarerful little circuit bo squareards. Dangling fro squarem surgical steel pierced earring wires. THe little bo squareards were designed by a friend o squaref mine, but she didnt need them. They are the smallest bo squareards I have ever used. Co squareme with either 2 o squarer 3 circles.My wo squarerk is made o squaref materials that beco squareme available.They are limited quantities and are always changing. If yo squareu see so squaremething yo squareu like, do squaren't wait they may sell o squareut and mo squarest likely never be made again. Finding beauty in unexpected places - I am inspired by the variety o squaref shapes, co squarelo squarers, materials, textures and patternsfo squareund in o squareutdated techno squarelo squaregy. I co squarembine these three dimenstio squarenal fo squarermswith alterned imagery in sculptural co squarellage I call Hacker Creatio squarens. Wo squarerking o squareut o squaref The Artisan's Asylum in So squaremerville, MA since 2012.Visit www.hackercreatio squarem to square see mo squarere o squaref my wo squarerk.Check o squareut a wo squarenderful video square by Sara Pagiaro square o squaren my Abo squareut Page.If yo squareu like it, let me kno squarew! Fave my sho squarep!!

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