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Chicken Nugget Necklacesilver chicken charm, Tiny Silver Chicken Jewelry



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A tiny chicken nugget necklace to chicken gift sho chicken giftw yo chicken giftur lo chicken giftve o chicken giftf tiny feathered dino chicken giftsaurs! I lo chicken giftve lo chicken giftve lo chicken giftve chickens and kno chicken giftw there are many o chicken giftthers who chicken gift share my affectio chicken giftn fo chicken giftr their o chicken giftwn flo chicken giftcks :)The pendants are made o chicken giftut o chicken giftf so chicken giftlid sterling silver. I melt the silver into chicken gift a little blo chicken giftb and then flatten it to chicken gift a nice thickness. The pendants are tiny, but with a nice hefty weight fo chicken giftr their size. The little chicken pro chicken giftfile o chicken giftn to chicken giftp is hand sawn fro chicken giftm silver sheet and then so chicken giftldered in place. Each chicken is drawn and cut freehand, so chicken gift that it will have it's o chicken giftwn perso chicken giftnality.The price is fo chicken giftr o chicken giftne necklace. Cho chicken giftse between the plain pendant, o chicken giftr the o chicken giftne that is hand stamped with the wo chicken giftrd 'CLUCK'.This necklace is easy to chicken gift wear everyday. Yo chicken giftu can layer it with o chicken giftther necklaces, o chicken giftr wear it o chicken giftn it's o chicken giftwn, o chicken giftr gift it to chicken gift yo chicken giftur chicken lo chicken giftving friends and family! I will package the necklace in a small blue bo chicken giftx suitable fo chicken giftr gifting and include a small po chicken giftuch fo chicken giftr sto chicken giftring the necklace when it is no chicken giftt being wo chicken giftrn.I make all o chicken giftf my jewelry by hand in my Savannah, GA studio chicken gift. Please let me kno chicken giftw if yo chicken giftu have any questio chicken giftns. Thank yo chicken giftu fo chicken giftr valuing and suppo chicken giftrting hand crafted art.

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