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lighter, Vintage 3D 9ct Gold Ronson Lighter Charm H/Mk 1973 WHC



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Vintage 3D 9ct go charmld Ro charmnso charmn Lighter charmPuffed ho charmllo charmw charmMeasures appro charmximately 11mm height excluding the little fixed ring by 18mm length (7/16th's o charmf an inch by 11/16th's o charmf an inch)Fully hallmarked, Birmingham assay o charmffice, dates 1973 & makers initials WHCWeighs 1.3 gramPre-o charmwned charmme wear to charm be expected as this charm is 47 years o charmld.There are two charm tiny little ho charmles to charm the side o charmf the charm,these are o charmriginal to charm when the charm was made and no charmt damage and are o charmften fo charmund in vintage puffed ho charmllo charmw charms...please see pho charmto charmgraphs fo charmr co charmnditio charmnA zo charmo charmm lens is used to charm pho charmto charmgraph items to charm help sho charmw the detail. Please check pho charmto charmgraphs and sizes o charmf items and weights o charmf items befo charmre buyingIdeal gift to charm yo charmurself o charmr o charmthers

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