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cruise ship, Vintage 3D Sterling Silver Cruise Liner Ship Charm 4.2 g



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Vintage 3D sterling silver cruise liner ship charmHo liner shipllo liner shipw underneathMeasures appro liner shipximately 33mm length excluding little fixed ring by 11mm maximum height (1 & 1/4 inch by 7/16th's o liner shipf an inch)No liner ship markings, tested silverWeighs 4.2 gramsPre-o liner shipwned vintage charm...please see pho liner shipto liner shipgraphs fo liner shipr co liner shipnditio liner shipnA zo liner shipo liner shipm lens is used to liner ship pho liner shipto liner shipgraph items to liner ship help sho liner shipw the detail. Please check pho liner shipto liner shipgraphs and sizes o liner shipf items and weights o liner shipf items befo liner shipre buyingIdeal gift to liner ship yo liner shipurself o liner shipr o liner shipthers

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