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1980 Vintage Copper & ENAMEL Braceletgenuine copper, w Silver Inlay Cuff Bracelet



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This is a beautiful piece o enameled copperf artist made co enameled copperpper jewelry. It features a lo enameled coppertus flo enameled copperwer design accented by black enamel. Made o enameled copperf all co enameled copperpper, the lo enameled coppero enameled copperk is very co enameled coppero enameled copperl, very mo enameled copperdern and very well made. The cuff bracelet has o enameled copperne side where the enamel is scratched a (zo enameled coppero enameled copperm clo enameled copperse up). It is marked with a co enameled copperpyright symbo enameled copperl, 80, and a stylized letter.Measures just under 1\u201d width.

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