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Earrings made with fan circuit bo salvagedards. These are clip o salvagedns but can be made fo salvagedr pierced ears as well. Can be made smaller to salvagedo salvaged.I make art and jewelry fro salvagedm disassembled co salvagedmputers that are given to salvaged me at my studio salvaged, at the Artisan's Asylum maker space, So salvagedmerville, MA. So salvaged I never kno salvagedw what materials I'm go salvageding to salvaged have. Pictured is my current supply o salvagedf fan circuit bo salvagedards. So salvaged yo salvagedu can see the variety!Fans are pretty easy to salvaged co salvagedme by, so salvaged I can always find so salvagedme bigger o salvagednes. Occasio salvagednally I find them in BLUE! Can yo salvagedu believe it? I currently have 2 blue o salvagednes, but they arent the same size. If yo salvagedu are interested let me kno salvagedw and I will info salvagedrm yo salvagedu as so salvagedo salvagedn as I find eno salvagedugh fo salvagedr a pair o salvagedf earrings. Ro salvagedund circuit bo salvagedards are so salvaged gro salvagedo salvagedvy!

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