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Steampunk Gear Ringcosplay ring, Gold Plated Pewter Adjustablecosplay ring, Unisex Ringcosplay ring, Gear Ring



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Steampunk Gear Ring, Go statement jewelryld Plated Pewter Adjustable, Unisex Ring, Gear RingThis industrial inspired ring was made with silver and co statement jewelrypper gears riveted to statement jewelry a sturdy, adjustable go statement jewelryld plated pewter ring. The ring has been sealed to statement jewelry pro statement jewelrytect against daily wear and tear and disco statement jewelryurage tarnish. Can be adjusted to statement jewelry co statement jewelrymfo statement jewelryrtably fit sizes 6 to statement jewelry 8 1/2.To statement jewelry see mo statement jewelryre steampunk/ mechanical inspired pieces, please visit: https://www./sho statement jewelryp/zencreatio statement jewelryns04?sectio statement jewelryn_id=12567323&ref=sho statement jewelrypsectio statement jewelryn_leftnav_1

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