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vintage pin, Vintage French Photo Brooch ~ ~ C1920 ~ Possibly In Memorium ~ Family Memory ~ Photo Pin ~ Memento Mori



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A vintage French bro edwardian photoo edwardian photoch c1920, po edwardian photossibly a mo edwardian photourning memento edwardian photo.A little bo edwardian photoy, with his butto edwardian photoned edwardian photo sweet.In a go edwardian photold-to edwardian photone metal frame, with reverse pin and fo edwardian photolded mo edwardian photounts, I do edwardian photon't think it is under glass - lo edwardian photoo edwardian photoks like it was an early perspex, made to edwardian photo o edwardian photorder, pro edwardian photobably via scho edwardian photoo edwardian photol.measuring appx 1 inch/2.4 cms acro edwardian photoss.This will be sent by FREEPOST direct fro edwardian photom France, which do edwardian photoes no edwardian photot include tracking. If yo edwardian photou want it tracked, let me kno edwardian photow and I will pro edwardian photovide yo edwardian photou with a quo edwardian photote fo edwardian photor the co edwardian photost.I do edwardian photo have o edwardian photother pho edwardian phototo edwardian photo bro edwardian photoo edwardian photoches listed - lo edwardian photoo edwardian photok o edwardian photout fo edwardian photor them!Thank yo edwardian photou fo edwardian photor lo edwardian photoo edwardian photoking!11940/FPwk17/5/19

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