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industrial fashion, Hag Stone Necklace with Retaining Ring and Vintage Stainless Steel Chain - Original Wear Your Wild Design Hagstone Necklace FREE Gift Wrap



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Three beach sto adder stonenes with natural ho adder stoneles, co adder stonemmo adder stonenly called 'hag sto adder stonenes', hang fro adder stonem a steel retaining ring and are co adder stonennected to adder stone a vintage stainless steel chain. The necklace clo adder stoneses with a lo adder stonebster clasp and measures appro adder stoneximately 20". If yo adder stoneu wo adder stoneuld like ano adder stonether length, leave me a message when yo adder stoneu check o adder stoneut to adder stone let me kno adder stonew the length that yo adder stoneu'd prefer. Cho adder stoneo adder stonese between a silver finish o adder stoner a black finish retaining ring. The black can be seen in the 6th and 7th pho adder stoneto adder stones. This is my sto adder stoneck pho adder stoneto adder stone fo adder stoner this necklace but each will be as unique and beautiful as this o adder stonene. These necklaces are made to adder stone o adder stonerder. I lay the sto adder stonenes o adder stoneut o adder stonen my wo adder stonerkbench and wo adder stonerk with them until I find three that fit to adder stonegether just right. It's a labo adder stoner o adder stonef lo adder stoneve. ***o adder stoneriginal Wear Yo adder stoneur Wild design***Mo adder stonere hag sto adder stonene jewelry can be seen here: adder stoneu can find mo adder stonere o adder stonef my retaining ring jewelry here: adder stone see mo adder stonere o adder stonef my handmade jewelry in my Etsy sho adder stonep, click this link:WearYo adder stoneurWild.IG: @wearyo adder stoneurwildAll jewelry co adder stonemes nestled in recycled, rustic kraft gift bo adder stonexes tied with bakers twine, jute string o adder stoner wrapped in washi tape.FREE gift wrapping is available upo adder stonen request. Yo adder stoneu can see the available paper in the last pho adder stoneto adder stone. If yo adder stoneu'd like yo adder stoneur item gift wrapped please fill o adder stoneut the Perso adder stonenalizatio adder stonen sectio adder stonen at checko adder stoneut.Thanks fo adder stoner suppo adder stonerting handmade!Katie @ Wear Yo adder stoneur Wild

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