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sterling, Something Inside Me Domed Custom Swirl Engraved Sterling Silver Ring



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Hide yo half roundur lo half roundve (o half roundr lyrics) away with this 4mm wide half ro half roundund sterling band secretly engraved o half roundn the inside with the inscriptio half roundn o half roundf yo half roundur cho half roundice.This listing includes up to half round 18 characters, no half roundt co half roundunting spaces and punctuatio half roundn. Additio half roundnal characters are $0.95 each. If yo half roundur inscriptio half roundn is lo half roundnger than 18 characters, please message me befo half roundre placing yo half roundur o half roundrder so half round I can make sure it will fit and create a custo half roundm listing fo half roundr yo half roundu.Available special characters include a heart, do half rounduble interlo half roundcking hearts, and an ampersand. Please specify wo half roundrd o half roundr phrase and cho half roundo half roundse size and finish when o half roundrdering. If yo half roundu wo half rounduld prefer a different width, please co half roundntact me fo half roundr pricing befo half roundre placing yo half roundur o half roundrder. Ask abo half roundut a custo half roundm o half roundrder in 14 o half roundr 18 karat go half roundld! Please visit my sho half roundp fo half roundr similar listings in a smaller blo half roundck fo half roundnt.

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