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Perfect fo sphynx loverr cat o sphynx loverwners and lo sphynx loververs! These pendants are mo sphynx loverdeled after sphynx (sphinx) breed hairless cats. I have 2 o sphynx loverf my o sphynx loverwn sphynx cats and lo sphynx loverve them so sphynx lover much :) The shape fo sphynx loverr these charms is based o sphynx loverff o sphynx loverf a pho sphynx loverto sphynx lover I to sphynx lovero sphynx loverk o sphynx loverf my cat Maya. Sphynx are kno sphynx loverwn fo sphynx loverr their large ears and skinny tails, and I tried to sphynx lover fo sphynx lovercus o sphynx lovern tho sphynx loverse attributes when drawing the silho sphynx loveruette. The charms are made fro sphynx loverm glass enamel fused to sphynx lover a co sphynx loverpper base with a fine silver wire fused into sphynx lover the glass fo sphynx loverr the tail. I used the clo sphynx loveriso sphynx lovernne technique o sphynx loverf enameling to sphynx lover create the red heart o sphynx lovern the chest o sphynx loverf the cats. The charms are available in yo sphynx loverur cho sphynx loverice o sphynx loverf gray, black, white, o sphynx loverr beige/pink. The price is fo sphynx loverr o sphynx loverne charm o sphynx lovern a chain.Sure to sphynx lover bring a smile :)***********************************************************Click the 'Shipping and Po sphynx loverlicies' tab (under the pho sphynx loverto sphynx lovergraphs and at the to sphynx loverp o sphynx loverf the this descriptio sphynx lovern) fo sphynx loverr info sphynx loverrmatio sphynx lovern o sphynx lovern shipping times and my sho sphynx loverp po sphynx loverlicies.https://www./sho sphynx loverp/KathrynRiechert#po sphynx loverliciesSend me an etsy co sphynx lovernvo sphynx lover o sphynx loverr email with any and all questio sphynx loverns.Thank yo sphynx loveru!

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