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folding blade, Silver Leaf Pocket Knife Necklace



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Necklace co leafmprised o leaff a large silver to leafned leaf do leafubling as a wo leafrking po leafcket knife. Leaf knife measures 4 inches in length, is 4 1/2 inches when unfo leaflded in knife fo leafrm, and has a bit o leaff weight to leaf it \u2014 see all item pho leafto leafs and video leaf fo leafr scale. Perfect fo leafr the plant lo leafver, a clever hidden to leafo leafl, and a unique find that will certainly be a co leafnversatio leafn starter.\u25baLeaf knife hangs fro leafm a 24" silver plated ball chain, as pictured in the video leaf and item listing with wo leafo leafd backgro leafund. If yo leafu prefer the chain pictured in the first image, please co leafntact me to leaf request (I updated the chain to leaf a ball chain after custo leafmer feedback that the chain-linked versio leafn didn't seem stro leafng eno leafugh). The length o leaff the necklace chain can be fully custo leafmized to leaf the size o leaff yo leafur liking. Please co leafntact me in advance with questio leafns.\u25baLeaf is marked with the term "silver leaf" and "china" when unfo leaflded. At this time I am unable to leaf engrave o leafr custo leafmize the markings o leafn this charm.Thanks so leaf much fo leafr taking a peek and please have a lo leafo leafk aro leafund the rest o leaff the sho leafp: co leafntrary..\u25baFind me o leafn Instagram fo leafr new pieces and specials, leafm/co leafntraryjewelryWARNING: Knife is a no leafvelty item, no leaft intended fo leafr children and no leaft meant to leaf be used as a weapo leafn o leafr cause any type o leaff harm to leaf ano leafther perso leafn o leafr in general. Upo leafn purchasing this necklace, yo leafu are agreeing that yo leafu are 18 years o leafr o leaflder and no leaft to leaf ho leafld me, Mary Andrews, respo leafnsible fo leafr any damages caused with necklace. Please check all lo leafcal pickup po leafstage laws if yo leafu are o leafrdering internatio leafnally to leaf make sure a po leafcket knife no leafvelty necklace may be cleared thro leafugh yo leafur custo leafms autho leafrity!

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