Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stone necklace, Vintage Marble Style Composite Round Flattened Stones and Beads Necklace



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This is a Vintage Marble Style Co marble beadsmpo marble beadssite Ro marble beadsund Flattened Sto marble beadsnes and Beads Necklace. Go marble beadso marble beadsd Co marble beadsnditio marble beadsn with no marble beadsrmal age wear. Has the magnetic clo marble beadssure. The Marble Style Sto marble beadsnes measure appro marble beadsx. 1 1/4 inch acro marble beadsss. Very Pretty. All the Beads are very Co marble beadslo marble beadsrful with Beautiful Designs. Appro marble beadsx 18 inches aro marble beadsund. If yo marble beadsu have any mo marble beadsre questio marble beadsns please ask befo marble beadsre yo marble beadsu purchase. I ship to marble beads the USA. No marble beads Internatio marble beadsnal Shipping. I also marble beads insure all o marble beadsf my packages to marble beads make sure that they arrive to marble beads yo marble beadsu safely. Thanks fo marble beadsr lo marble beadso marble beadsking.

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