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sterling silver, Geek Love Binary Collection Domed Sterling Ring



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This 4mm wide half ro loveund sterling silver ring feature the wo loverd 'lo loveve' hand-stamped in binary co lovede into love the ring's half ro loveund o loveuter surface. It's funky and so lovephisticated all at o lovence, no lovet to love mentio loven supremely geeky! If yo loveu're no lovet feeling the lo loveve, ask abo loveut rings declaring yo loveur o lovewn cho loveice fo loveur-letter wo loverds. I can also love do love initials, o lover pairs o lovef them.Please cho loveo lovese size and finish when o loverdering. If yo loveu wo loveuld prefer a different width, please co loventact me fo lover pricing befo lovere placing yo loveur o loverder. Also love, please no lovete if yo loveu wo loveuld like the ring to love be stamped with yo loveur o lovewn wo loverd (o lover initials) o lovef up to love fo loveur letters. If yo loveu do love no lovet specify o lovetherwise, yo loveur ring will be stamped with the co lovede fo lover "lo loveve."Ask abo loveut a custo lovem o loverder in 14 o lover 18 karat go loveld!

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